Dynamic Management requires Leadership – Vision

Your management team can take your business to heights that you never even dreamed of or it can sink it faster than a rock. Some management teams just keep the ship afloat but it doesn’t ever seem to go anywhere? Has your business really changed in the last 5 years or is it just drifting without any real purpose or strategy except to stay in business?

Right now your business should be booming better than it has in the last 10 years, but so is everyone else. There are no bragging rights in this economy unless you are doing something truly remarkable. How did Ronald Reagan put it, “A rising tide, raises all boats”?

Do you think your business has the potential to achieve more than just the average of your past sales and profits? Dynamic management requires leadership practices as well and to be a leader you need vision. You have to be able to see the potential of what can take place.

It takes courage to be a leader and it takes special skills as well. These skills take time to develop and involve the motivating, influencing and encouraging of others. It is more than sharing a vision you must be able to get others to see and really want to reach their potential.

In order for your business to change you need to improve employee engagement and empowerment. Happy employees are more apt to make sure your customers can get the value and satisfaction they need from your product or service. Employee engagement will be vital to your future.

In order for your business to rise above the crowd, you need dynamic management, which includes excellent leadership skills and engaged employees. You want more than a smooth running ship you want a ship that employees can get excited about where their ship is going.

You don’t develop dynamic management and leadership by taking a class. But there are a number of things that you can do to move in that direction. Learn more about who you and your management team are and the various aspects of their behavior and what motivates them. Then you can learn to develop the skills you want to lead better.

We are always willing to have a conversation with you about how to impact the lives of others while also sharing with you how someone can impact your life. For your success, you need to develop leadership skills, “Because All Business IS Personal!”

Stan Broesder is a Business Consultant and Management Coach with Crossroads Consultants. They specialize in business performance and management development. If you would like to have a conversation about your situation contact Stan by email at Stan@MyCrossroadsConsultants.com. Or call but leave a message 980-241-0189.


A Key Step to Growth – Learning how to shift gears

One of the key steps to growth as an individual or as a business is the ability to shift gears.

1. Accomplish more with the same resources

Essentially this is a skill that requires a person to accomplish more with the same resources they currently have. Just like in a car. If you want to go faster eventually the transmission must shift gears. There is no more of the vehicle and no more of any resource, it is just using the resources that you have more effectively. The use of leverage is the key to growth.

2. “I’m giving it all she’s got!” — Scotty

Many individuals see themselves as being stuck in life and business. Most are running hard, have very little extra to put into growth, let alone being able to sustain a more complex or higher level of production. Whenever someone suggests trying something new they reply, “When am I going to have time to do that” or “How can I afford it?”  So ultimately, nothing changes until there is a breakdown, which is usually quite painful.

3. Are you insane?

As long as you see yourself as stuck with no real options, you will keep doing what you are doing now until some other force changes the status quo. Your health, a new competitor or the loss of a big client, are just a few of the many possible outside forces that can bring unexpected and painful change.

4. “Change is life. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” — William Summerset Maugham

There is hope for anyone who wants to grow and see positive change take place in their lives or their business. Even when there are few extra resources. The systems in place may have worked for you for a while now. You might be thinking, “We don’t want to rock the boat”. But while you are trying to not fail, others are going to adapt and succeed at your expense.

5. Growth requires change.

The question is will you take action and be in control of the change and growth of you and your business, or will it happen to you in which you will be in the reaction mode just trying to hang on and survive?

It is great having a vision for where you want to go with a plan that enables you to use the resources you have right now in a leveraged way and watching those dreams come true on a day to day basis. Choose wisely!

Action step:  In order to really grow you must find space to think and act. This may take some planning, reassessing priorities, or delegating. One of the first things that I do in working with my clients is to find ways to help them find some space. Today we are running so hard we don’t have time to stop and ask for directions, or even to orient ourselves by looking at the map. If you have ever watched “Amazing Race” you know that it can really cost you if you don’t.

Crossroads Consultants… can enable you to predict, plan and prepare for the future and the changes that are coming your way. With the proper tools and information you can begin to make the changes necessary to increase you production and provide you with a better lifestyle at the same time. Stan Broesder has the education, skills, and experience to make your growth smoother and easier.

How Can I think About My Future When I Am So Busy Now?

Right now I am so busy that I don’t have time to really think about my future. I work long hard hours now and I don’t see how I can do anything different.

Maybe you are finding yourself with this attitude about your business or career. There are so many things to do now, how do you add more to it? Brian Tracey once said, “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”
Here are five things that can change your future.

1. Decide. What it is that you want? Call it a purpose, objective or goal, but write down what you really want to accomplish either in your business or life.
2. Take Stock. Figure out where you are right now. Describe your life and business. This includes your resources, the environment that you are in, the friends and contacts that you have. Everything that has value or might have value is important to recognize.
3. Anticipate. What are the obstacles that are currently standing in your way for reaching your purpose or goals? What is very likely to stand in your way in the future? Keep the future obstacles in mind as well so that you can prepare for them and not allow them to sabotage your plans.
4. Plan. Put together a plan that is flexible and yet realistic in being able to achieve the goals or purpose that you have set out to accomplish. Most people stumble right here. They think that a list of goals is a plan. But there is more to it than that. You must include time frames, costs (financial, energy, skills, etc.) support from others, etc. if you are going to put a realistic plan together.
5. Execute. Flight plans and road trip plans don’t do any good if you don’t get the car started or go to the airport. You must ACT if you are going to reach your goals. If you procrastinate in any area, understand that it is an obstacle that you must find a way to overcome or you will be stuck right where you are. Action focused on the plan is the key. Change plans carefully and if necessary. But keep moving forward.

You can achieve so much more than you ever thought possible when you put a plan together and develop the skills and systems to effectively utilize the resources that you have and will have in the future.