Three Big Marketing Mistakes that Business Owners Make and How to Fix Them Before You Lose More Money

Starting with tactics and not prospects

If your prospects do not use Facebook then investing in Facebook is a waste of time and money. In order to get the best return on your marketing dollars, you need to know your target market so well that you know which marketing tactics will work best to reach them. So many business owners who are making strategic marketing decisions do not have a clear profile of who their ideal client is and how to best connect with them.

Selecting a tactic without a plan

Just because you have a great ideal client profile and have selected a marketing tactic to reach those prospects doesn’t mean your “campaign” will work without a well thought out plan. You need to think broader and deeper beyond the tactic if you want your marketing to provide you with the best return on your resources. Marketing providers don’t really help you beyond the tactic they sell.

Staying with a tactic without numbers

This is a real problem with most business owners. They have several tactics that they are using and they are getting enough business to keep them busy. The problem is that they really don’t know what is working and what is costing them money. Even if you ask your marketing provider to provide you some results, often the numbers that they provide do not translate into meaningful numbers that relate to your business.

Steps to fix these three mistakes

  1. Create an Ideal Client Profile

Clearly, define who your target market is and then further clarify who is your ideal client. This is not a simple process and has taken even professions some time to figure out.

  1. Create a plan that goes beyond tactics

A real plan for your marketing takes into account how you will build the relationship, how you actually close a sale and how you service your clients. Then you can return to the tactical side of marketing.

  1. Select the right marketing provider

When you have an “Ideal Client Profile” it should tell you how would be some of the best ways for you to connect with them. This will direct you to check out various tactics closely associated with your ideal client. Then you can start to narrow your actual tactical marketing providers.

  1. Determine your numbers

Before you finalize your choice of marketing tactics providers, make sure your provider can provide you with results information that works for you. Are the results you’re getting fit your plans and what you want to accomplish?  If it isn’t then you need to reassess your plan, tactics and marketing provider.

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Business is More About Relationships Than Ever

Business today is so much more about relationships than ever before

I am not saying that all of your customers have to be your best friend, but you need to relate to them.

As an example, on my 24 wedding anniversary I bought flowers for my wife. Does she have a certain kind that she likes? Does she have any color preference? Would she prefer a vase or an open box?

Did my florist ask any questions? No they didn’t. I paid by check. Did they have my address? Yes! Now what do you think was a good possibility happening within say 365 days? Yes, you guessed it, a big thing of flowers. It wasn’t until I stepped into the florist that second time that I realized, they didn’t know who I was or even cared about who I was. I haven’t purchased flowers from them ever since (7 years and counting).

Up until now a small business didn’t have a viable means to capture, retain and then interact with each customer in that way. Now, for a small monthly fee you can have all of that and it is automated as well. Have the customer key in the information, set some parameters and email reminders go out.

Gift suggestions for special occasions as well as obscure occasions can now go out as well. Big companies use “card holder” discounts, now small businesses can also create groups and promote to them as well. The ideas and opportunities are tremendous; all it takes is a little understanding of the concepts and a fun bit of creativity.

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