Impacting People and Profits — the results of your business

Everything that your business does impacts others and the exchange of value that you provide to others results in profit.  So the highest purpose that you can have in business is impacting the lives of people. When you sell your product or service, you are impacting the lives of others and hopefully making a profit in the process.

But you can also have additional effects on people through your business.  The impact your business has on your employees is another way that your business impacts others. When you utilize vendors for your business you are helping to provide for others in that way as well.

But what about your community, how do you help or impact them? Hopefully, your employees are involved in charitable or non-profit work or donating.

There are many different things that can be done from donating blood, to volunteering and helping in a school, or working on a non-profit fundraiser. You, of course, could contribute some of your resources of time, talent, money and products and service if appropriate.

But how else could your business impact the community? What if you developed a collective community involvement program?  What if all of the employees decided on one or two community impact projects with the support of you and the business? How would that be different and would it benefit the business as well?

The benefits of a well-designed collective community involvement program have been known for some time. But sometimes in our busy schedule, we just don’t think about it. Maybe it is time to address this issue and get others on your team involved.

Finding a project or two that a good majority of your people can support and even get excited about will help to build morale and real engagement. With the success of this program, it becomes a point of pride and one more reason for others to join an organization that cares about others. Positive public, as well as employee, relations are always a good thing. But you don’t want this to be a second rate effort on the part of the company. If you decide to put this type of program together, you as the business owner must make a commitment for it to succeed.

The first thing that you can do is to pull together some highly engaged employees and share the idea and brainstorm the possibilities with an honest look at the challenges. You might be surprised what can happen when you get someone excited about doing something for others.

Ask yourself “How does my business impact the lives of others and could we do better?”


Unlimited Possibilities Limited Resources Require Hard Choices

It isn’t that you are not working hard. It isn’t that you are not smart in your business. But one of the biggest problems in running a business, and I see many in working with business professionals, is that there is a tendency to not focus the limited resources on a select number of opportunities to maximize their potential.

Whether it is time, energy, knowledge, money, technology or any other resource that you have, you must focus those resources effectively to achieve efficiency. Most business professions don’t focus their resources and wonder why they are not getting the results that they expected.

One example of this is marketing. Most business owners “try” some marketing tactic to see if it works. Without focusing that particular tactic with the rest of your marketing AND sales strategies, it will NOT produce the results that are possible. Even if it is considered a success, it will not reach its potential without a proper planned and prepared implementation.

How are you focusing your resources to produce the maximum results possible?

Stan Broesder, MBA is the owner of Crossroads Consultants helping business professionals to become the best at what they do by providing practical solutions to overcoming hidden challenges and reaching solid profitable results and developing management and organizational skills.

Customer Experience is Crown Jewel for Publix

Have you noticed recently the ads for Publix? The whole ad is based on ( customers that had a great experience because of “little” things. These are not the normal, deep discounts, super specials or great variety, type of promotions. The whole thing that Publix is promoting is SERVICE. Not just the usual service you see companies promoting. They are promoting exceptional service from the perspective of the customer.

When you promote yourself as giving exceptional quality service, you better deliver. This ad not only is speaking to their customers and prospective customers, it is also talking to their employees. In this promotion it is creating that team feeling and pride. “I work for Publix and WE provide great service!”

Exceptional service is not about giving away the store or being all things to all people. Exceptional service is about understanding your ideal customer to the point that you feel what they feel, you think like they think, and you anticipate how you can make their purchasing experience exceptional.

Before you decide to jump onto the “exceptional service” bandwagon and ending up creating another fad that your employees put up with until you get on to the next brilliant idea, you need to think. Exceptional service does not happen overnight. It takes tremendous planning and work. But when prospects are not thinking about cheaper prices, it really helps the financial side of business.

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking they have great service. Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself.
1. Do think that your service is significantly better than your closest competitors?
2. Do you see your business as having exceptional amount of referrals?
3. Are you getting significantly more referrals than your competitors?

If you are seriously thinking about using an “Exceptional Service” strategy in your business, talk it out with others before making a decision. Of course, I believe we can help.

Stan Broesder is a business growth and marketing specialist with Crossroads Consultants. For over 25 years Stan has helped businesses to grow and to overcome obstacles. Today with digital online marketing Crossroads Consultants is made up of a team of strategic and tactical growth specialists. For more information on growing your business, Contact

Three Big Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make!

Small businesses complain that their marketing is just not working the way that they feel it should. Here are three big marketing mistakes that small businesses often make trying to grow their business.

 1. Having all tactics, and no strategy

You keep trying things and you keep what works and throw out the rest. But what if you could leverage one tactic off of another? This would boost the effectiveness of each tactic. In order to do that you need to start with a strategy. Focus your efforts and resources to accomplish the most important goals first. This will provide the best results.

2. Not measuring results

Many will say that you really can’t measure the results of marketing, but that is not totally true. Part of the problem is that you have not designed your marketing to be measurable. With a little adjustment many marketing tactics can be measured. Once you see the numbers accurately, then you can make the most effective changes to get the best results.

 3. Not aligning your sales with marketing.

When you treat sales and marketing as two different functions then you lose some of the efficiency that is possible. Marketing and sales must be seen from the customer’s perspective and need to reinforce each other with the same or complimentary message. When both of these are in alignment you will see dramatic improvements in results.

Correcting these three mistakes can really have an impact on your marketing results, which should translate into more income. But some really struggle with making these corrections and getting a different perspective can often make the difference.

Call me (980-241-0189) to discuss growing your business and correcting these three big mistakes in marketing. Or email me at and ask about a Marketing Strategy evaluation for your business. Then get ready to grow!

Crossroads Consultants is a Business Management Consulting company that services small and mid-sized businesses and professionals with profitable growth strategies. Your customers don’t care about your growth. Ultimately, it is an inside job. We can help!

How Does Crossroads Consultants Help Business Owners Solve Business Problems?

This is a quick look at how a business consultant may help a client.

Consulting involves changes. If nothing changes there is no need for a consultant. Even if we only provide information that you didn’t have before that would change the basis of which you might make a decision.

What you may want is to prevent something that is detrimental to you or your business either at present or sometime in the future. This could include new competition, regulation, the loss of a vendor, poor employee morale and engagement, dropping sales, lowering profits, etc.

The other thing would be to reach or progress toward a goal or potential in your business. This could include improved sales or profits, taking advantage of new products and services, hiring the right people, improving performance and productivity, investing in new equipment or facilities, or expansion of some kind. All of these would help you to improve your business in the future. You need to make sure that the risks are calculated and the proper processes are put in place.

I make sure that I get the right perspective on the situation. That means that we want to make sure we don’t get just a little bit of information and make a quick diagnosis of the problem with an even quicker prescription of a solution. Without asking enough questions and getting the proper perspective this would be considered “malpractice” and is not acceptable.

Once I have some perspective on a situation then I start to focus in on potential details that may be causing or influencing the issue. Here is where any consultant should be worth their weight in gold. Many times it is not the obvious cause that is the problem; it is the hidden elements that are the real threat to success. A good consultant will not move too quickly and just go with the basic obvious cause. Looking for other influences can really prevent an expensive disaster.

A good business consultant will also know when they need to bring in additional help with specialties in other disciplines. As an example one client was having some real troubles with some billing and cash flow issues. An accountant was brought in to take a look and was able to see some of the problems fairly quickly. In this case the accountant saw that the problem was the poor use of the accounting software, but upon further review the business consultant was able to determine some additional issues of employee morale and management practices that were also influencing the issue. So while the accountant had solved the problem for a little while, it would have returned in the near future without other adjustments.

No matter what your problem, challenge or goal is, if it is more than a simple vendor problem call Crossroads Consultants and get a complimentary conference call. I have connections with specialists that can help you in areas outside of business management consulting. My goals is to help business professionals to improve their business results and performance, if a simple introduction to someone else that is better suited to meet your needs is all that it takes, than I am glad that I can help you and know that I will gain your respect and hopefully trust for when an issue that is more specific to my expertise comes along.

Stan Broesder is the founder and owner of Crossroads Consultants, a business management consulting company that develops management skills and organizational efficiencies for business professionals. Using Strategic Planning, management systems and employee engagement, Stan helps businesses to improve their performance and ultimately their profits while becoming better at planning and executing plans.

Most of Stan’s clients are in Western North Carolina, specifically in Lincolnton, Hickory, Lincoln and Catawba and surrounding counties. He can be reached at 980-241-0189, by email at or through his website. I can help most business professionals to reach their goals, be more profitable and develop higher performance for themselves and their business.

War on Business!!

War on business

There is a lot of talk in the media today about the issue business and capitalism. Make no mistake when there is a major discussion about capitalism that discussion is really including business in general. Currently there has been a major attack on capitalism. We need to pull our heads out of the sand and look at the books coming out on bookshelves and what some (who are financially well off) are saying about capitalism.

There are many so called arguments against capitalism today. Arguments are such as; corporations are greedy, executives are getting paid too much, the rich need to pay their fair share, big powerful corporations are holding the rest of us down and more. The real question that we as business professionals must ask ourselves is do we believe in the principles of free enterprise, and capitalism as a method or philosophy for generating value in exchange for profits? Understand that profits are the key to this debate. Everyone, and I do mean everyone wants your profits.

This article is not designed to go into the depth of the discussions and arguments against capitalism. It is designed to challenge those who believe that capitalism and free enterprise are principles upon which this nation and our future, as well as future generations will be built. So the question is do you believe that business professionals have the right to exchange value for profits without being criticized or called into question for creating those values and exchanging them for profits?

My challenge to you, which assumes that you are a free enterprise capitalist, is that you cannot wait for the Republicans, the Tea Party, Bill O’Reilly, a famous economist of our day, or some news organization to stand up and fight for the values and freedoms of free enterprise capitalism. You no longer can stand on the sidelines waving the American flag encouraging others to do battle in the public arena for this cause. History proves that when the majority of people believe that they are better off taking instead of working, they will rise up against free enterprise and capitalism. It is easier to create mob hysteria than it is to work hard, be smart and compete in the market place.

While there may always be extenuating circumstance or issues which people will point to saying well this is the reason the Bolshevik revolution took place, or some other socialistic overthrow, it always comes down to those principles that we hold dear were tossed aside for power and financial gain not by exchange of value but by sheer force. No I am not a historian, or an economist, but make no mistake, getting rid of capitalism is not about giving money to the masses and the poor, it is about power for the few.

So as a business professional, think about what you can do to influence this generation, our culture, and future generations, to promote a quality free enterprise capitalistic philosophy. I would submit to you that one thing you can do as a business owner or professional would be to get your employees, your vendors, and even your customers to read fundamental books and articles that teach quality free enterprise capitalism principles.

There are many good books that are not too heavy or academic to get people reading and laying the foundation for future generations. A book such as the richest man in Babylon by Gleason, how to Win friends and influence people by Carnegie, or books by Robert Kiyosaki, or Napoleon Hill, can stimulate the mind to realize that generating value is what people will pay for including profit, which in turn can generate wealth. Many American teens today are not getting the education that many of us received when we learned to mow lawns, wash cars, babysit, and sew or mend clothes to make extra money. This is not just about developing the character of a good work ethic, but teaching the fundamental principles of free enterprise and the value of ownership and using capital to build more value for the consumer.

 Business professionals today need to encourage others to learn to grow and to develop a philosophy which rewards hard work, wise choices, and great attitudes. I would like to know what books you would recommend to be read by teenagers and young adults in our society today to help them to learn and understand these fundamental concepts that are so vital to our future generations. Please leave a comment and give us what you think would be a good book to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

 PS. If you want to comment on history or economics, then you are missing the point of this blog, for which I apologize. Write your own blog correcting the history or economics. What book would you recommend to help young people and old alike to learn the value of business?