Super Busy Costs you, here is a Solution

From so many commitments that you can’t seem to breathe, to working so hard on everyday problems and issues you never seem to see beyond today. ‘Super busy’ can look different for different people.

Define “Busy”
You need to be able to define what it means when you say that you are “busy.” Everybody is doing something every single hour of every day. What does your busy look like? Are you working more hours than is healthy, are you inefficient because you cannot solve a time management issue, or do you have a problem saying no and are now overcommitted in a number of areas and cannot seem to juggle it all?

A very common scenario is growing in a business until you are maxed out, then hiring someone to help in the front office. This person handles all the phone calls, customer complaints, invoicing, bill payment preparation, errands, occasional social media posting, and whatever else you can dump on them. But it is never enough. So, who is the next person that you can add to take some load off of you? You can’t afford someone who doesn’t produce income.

The Hard Part
More importantly, why is your “busy” a problem? You need to determine what really going on that is causing you to be too busy. What are the implications of you being so busy? What is the price?  Is it causing stress, sleepless nights? Maybe it is impacting relationships in your life, but you just grunt on and keep going, not knowing when or how it will stop!

The Solution
Find time. Take time. You might need an hour, so take it in 10-minute increments. Whatever it takes, but do it. You must find some time to breathe.  Once you take some time, we invest that time to find a little more time, and then we take that extra time to make more money to buy you your freedom. Here is where you start.

First, list ALL of your roles and responsibilities, from selling to the prospect to cleaning the toilets. Whatever you do in the company as a part of owning your business, WRITE IT DOWN!

Second, prioritize every listed item from the most critical and money producing activity to the least.

Third, look for ways to delegate or contract out the less income producing and impactful activities to someone else. If you are worried about quality control, as many are, that is a problem of systems and management skills (and Crossroads Consultants can help you with that).

Fourth, make a plan. Once you have freed up some time, use it to plan out your future and solve problems of delegation, control and bringing in more income. It takes time to make a good plan but that is what you need to have the freedom you need to reach your goals. Being Super Busy can be great for the ego, but the cost can be devastating.

Stan Broesder is the owner of Crossroads Consultants a business management and growth consulting company. If your business is going to grow the owners and management team must grow with it, or it won’t work. Marketing today is beyond the expertise of most owners and manager. In order to effectively market your business and grow you need someone who can plan and manage your marketing. Crossroads Consultants will provide you with a lower cost provisional marketing management solution. Contact Stan at 980-241-0189 or


The Biggest Resource that Business Owners and Manager Waste Every Day is…

When we consider all the assets that we have available to us, it is amazing how much of these resources that we waste on a day-to-day basis. As business owners and managers our goal is to be as productive and profitable as possible. So which resource to we tend to waste the most?

Many times we do not see that we are, personally, the greatest asset that we have in our lives, career, and business. You may say, “Well everyone knows that.” But do they invest in maximizing the value of themselves as much as they do all the other resources which they manage on a day-to-day basis?

Our own personal ability to produce is based on what we know, the skills we have learned, and the decisions that we make that translate into action or results. So when we do not feel like we’ve accomplished what we wanted to or needed to, we need to consider did we know what we needed to know, have the skills to perform at a level needed to achieve the tasks, and did we prioritize by making the best decisions throughout the day.

Making sure that we are prioritizing our actions so that we are doing the most important and not just the most urgent tasks is critical to high quality accomplishment. Sometimes we do things that we would like to do and put off those things which we don’t like to do. But it’s not a matter of whether we like to or not, the question is which is more important to the overall goals and objectives that we have set.

So, if you are not where you want to be, or if you are not accomplishing what you want to accomplish, you need to first reflect on the choices that you are making on a day-to-day basis. High quality decision-making and performance is a skill set. This skill set can be learned and developed to help you to be more successful every day.

Start thinking, what are my choices and which outcomes of those choices are the most important to my goals and future?