Super Busy Costs you, here is a Solution

From so many commitments that you can’t seem to breathe, to working so hard on everyday problems and issues you never seem to see beyond today. ‘Super busy’ can look different for different people.

Define “Busy”
You need to be able to define what it means when you say that you are “busy.” Everybody is doing something every single hour of every day. What does your busy look like? Are you working more hours than is healthy, are you inefficient because you cannot solve a time management issue, or do you have a problem saying no and are now overcommitted in a number of areas and cannot seem to juggle it all?

A very common scenario is growing in a business until you are maxed out, then hiring someone to help in the front office. This person handles all the phone calls, customer complaints, invoicing, bill payment preparation, errands, occasional social media posting, and whatever else you can dump on them. But it is never enough. So, who is the next person that you can add to take some load off of you? You can’t afford someone who doesn’t produce income.

The Hard Part
More importantly, why is your “busy” a problem? You need to determine what really going on that is causing you to be too busy. What are the implications of you being so busy? What is the price?  Is it causing stress, sleepless nights? Maybe it is impacting relationships in your life, but you just grunt on and keep going, not knowing when or how it will stop!

The Solution
Find time. Take time. You might need an hour, so take it in 10-minute increments. Whatever it takes, but do it. You must find some time to breathe.  Once you take some time, we invest that time to find a little more time, and then we take that extra time to make more money to buy you your freedom. Here is where you start.

First, list ALL of your roles and responsibilities, from selling to the prospect to cleaning the toilets. Whatever you do in the company as a part of owning your business, WRITE IT DOWN!

Second, prioritize every listed item from the most critical and money producing activity to the least.

Third, look for ways to delegate or contract out the less income producing and impactful activities to someone else. If you are worried about quality control, as many are, that is a problem of systems and management skills (and Crossroads Consultants can help you with that).

Fourth, make a plan. Once you have freed up some time, use it to plan out your future and solve problems of delegation, control and bringing in more income. It takes time to make a good plan but that is what you need to have the freedom you need to reach your goals. Being Super Busy can be great for the ego, but the cost can be devastating.

Stan Broesder is the owner of Crossroads Consultants a business management and growth consulting company. If your business is going to grow the owners and management team must grow with it, or it won’t work. Marketing today is beyond the expertise of most owners and manager. In order to effectively market your business and grow you need someone who can plan and manage your marketing. Crossroads Consultants will provide you with a lower cost provisional marketing management solution. Contact Stan at 980-241-0189 or


How is A Good Business Consultant Like Your Top Sales Person? — They make you more money than they cost.

A good business consultant is like your top sales person in that they don’t cost you any money, they make you money.

Sales people bring in more money than you pay them or you wouldn’t do it. But your best or top sales person tends to bring more than just income to the company. They also bring repeat business, they develop relationships and they give you feedback on products, quality and what is going on in the marketplace.

What follows isn’t blatant marketing, it is just good advice, and I can prove it.

If your business doesn’t need improvement than the task or opportunities for a Business Consultant are short lived, like a summer camp room inspection when it is done right, it is quick. When a consultant really doesn’t have much to do, as you may think, the cost is low and you get the reassurance that you were right.

A good business consultant will provide you with direction and how to grow your business. They will help you to work ON your business while you work IN your business. They will help you to discover, define and solve problems and not just symptoms.

A good business consultant will help you to build a higher performing work force. By looking at and improve your communications and accountability systems. Improving motivation as well as efficiencies can go a long way to helping morale and performance. And a good business consultant helps you to have a higher performing workforce that will reduce your stress and give you more freedom to choose how to use your time and money.

A good business consultant can help you to better understand the customer experience and how to help your customers to come back time after time. In the process, your customers may also buy more from you and buy more often. Relationships with your customers should be built beyond just with the sales person. A good business consultant can help you to see the world through your customers’ eyes better as a third party.

When a good business consultant who works in any area of marketing or sales will have a definite impact on your sales income. A good business consultant improves your position in the marketplace which brings in better and repeat business.

A good business consultant is not trying to sell you some product like a website or software or training programs. A good business consultant is an independent third party who allows you to see your business differently. Will challenge you to raise the bar just a little more and to achieve more than you thought you could have done before. A good business consultant will help to develop you as a manager/leader as well as your business.

The one thing that a good business consultant does that most sales personnel don’t is to save you money. That is what they do, they look for better efficiencies and effective use of resources so that every dollar they save goes straight to the bottom line.

Think about that management position that you really want to but haven’t filled yet, but wish you could. Maybe someone is doing the job, kind of. You can’t afford to pay an $80,000.00 salary but you really need someone to relieve the pressure from you. Outsource what you need to be done to a good business consultant. Pay them a fraction of what you would normally pay. You get their expertise and help in managing your business. It is like skimming the cream off of the top. You get the best information and support, without paying the high dollar.

So a good business consultant like top sales professionals won’t cost you money, they make you money. Give me a chance to prove it to you! I don’t want to waste your time or mine. Before I take on any client I must be confident and the client must be confident that I can make them or save them money or solve a value problem for them.

If you want and need to see some change take place in your business, call me at Crossroads Consultants 980-241-0189 /

Don’t Hold Your Business Back

Your business can only grow to the extent that you grow.

Jerry Rice once said, “The enemy of the Best is the good!” Decide what you need to learn first, and then put everything else second.

  1. What do you need to learn? Take a step back and ask yourself, what skills or knowledge do I need to have to grow into my future? Remember while your specialty or expertise may need to be cutting edge, there are other areas of your life and business that may be required for your development. It is critical to know what areas to set as the priority.
  2. Find the best sources for acquiring that skill or knowledge? There are so many places you can go to for information. But a lot of them are not worth the time and some are just wrong and have bad advice. Ask others that you trust, who they follow, read and listen to or what sources they use to learn from.
  3. Schedule time to learn. You must learn in order to grow. Schedule it! Your future may depend on it.

Be proactive and LEARN!

At the Crossroads,

Stan Broesder

Why Your Business May Have Stalled

If you are a small business or micro-businesses (under 10 employees) you may find it nearly impossible to get your business to the next level. It is very common and usually avoidable. After 25 years of helping small business owners and professionals, there is one factor that seems hidden and is often a major reason why business growth stalls.

When there is no more to give

My clients often tell me that they are tired and run hard trying to build their business but real business growth and the potential of their business eludes them. They want to grow but they are also afraid that it may kill them in the process. They are already maxed out.

One problem is they believe that if they don’t do it, it won’t get done, or it won’t get done correctly. How effectively they are able to delegate shows itself in how many employees they have. That is why there are so many businesses that have less than ten employees.

Delegating is not enough

Balancing growth and profitability is extremely hard and being an expert in a technical or specific industry skill set is not enough. You have to learn the skills of management if you are going to grow. Your ability to manage employees starts to max out at eight to ten employees.

If you have hired an employee you understand the need to delegate work. The question is how well do you understand their abilities? Can you effectively communicate your needs and train that person to be able to meet those needs to achieve your goals? Add to that your ability to control and hold others accountable for results. A “dozen” employees can become much more difficult to manage.

So what is the solution? The most critical and precious resource is your time. Learn how to get more done in less time. You must balance the risk of someone else not doing a job quite as well as you can, with the increase in overall production by others. Think of a competitor that is five times bigger than you are, how do they manage it all with the same 24 hours a day that you have?

Management skills are critical

Start with managing yourself. If you are the kind of person who is always running late to meetings, making late payments with late fees, always short on cash, never enough prospects or customers while struggling to put out a good quality product or service, re-evaluate your management skills. Without applying good management skills to yourself, you will have a challenge managing others.

When other people are depending on you for their financial future, you have to take management seriously. You must learn and have the discipline to organize, prioritize and plan what is most important to the business. You have to be able to help others to get the results you need without doing it yourself.

Letting go to grow

Second, develop your people to take over some of the tasks that you are doing. You are NOT an expert in all facets of your business. That is why we hire accountants, marketing specialists, etc. Developing or finding competent people is one key to growth.

However, you must be able to effectively manage those that you hire. This ability to hold others accountable and get results is critical. The better you are at managing, the more people you can manage.  At some point you will need to hire a person to supervise others. A supervisor should be able to direct others and get the production you need without you.

Are you willing to change and grow first?

You must develop your management skills so that you can delegate activities that you are currently doing. You will never grow and reach your potential beyond where you are if you don’t. Business growth depends on effectively managing others who can do for you, what you do, so that you can invest your time doing more important things.

Developing your management skills is not easy. Business professionals often don’t see management as a skill set. Learning to organize, plan, control and execute effectively and efficiently are all a part of management. You actually may be the reason for your own stalled growth.

Develop your skills and confidence in the area of management and then you can take your business to the next level.

Crossroads Consultants specializes in developing skills in management and business planning. My clients seek to grow their business profits and their freedom. With the proper planning and management systems we can make that happen. I help my client so see what they don’t know, to know what they can’t see, and therefore act differently and more effectively. By improving your skills in organizing, planning, executing and controlling you can go places you haven’t even dreamed of.

Customer Experience is Crown Jewel for Publix

Have you noticed recently the ads for Publix? The whole ad is based on ( customers that had a great experience because of “little” things. These are not the normal, deep discounts, super specials or great variety, type of promotions. The whole thing that Publix is promoting is SERVICE. Not just the usual service you see companies promoting. They are promoting exceptional service from the perspective of the customer.

When you promote yourself as giving exceptional quality service, you better deliver. This ad not only is speaking to their customers and prospective customers, it is also talking to their employees. In this promotion it is creating that team feeling and pride. “I work for Publix and WE provide great service!”

Exceptional service is not about giving away the store or being all things to all people. Exceptional service is about understanding your ideal customer to the point that you feel what they feel, you think like they think, and you anticipate how you can make their purchasing experience exceptional.

Before you decide to jump onto the “exceptional service” bandwagon and ending up creating another fad that your employees put up with until you get on to the next brilliant idea, you need to think. Exceptional service does not happen overnight. It takes tremendous planning and work. But when prospects are not thinking about cheaper prices, it really helps the financial side of business.

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking they have great service. Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself.
1. Do think that your service is significantly better than your closest competitors?
2. Do you see your business as having exceptional amount of referrals?
3. Are you getting significantly more referrals than your competitors?

If you are seriously thinking about using an “Exceptional Service” strategy in your business, talk it out with others before making a decision. Of course, I believe we can help.

Stan Broesder is a business growth and marketing specialist with Crossroads Consultants. For over 25 years Stan has helped businesses to grow and to overcome obstacles. Today with digital online marketing Crossroads Consultants is made up of a team of strategic and tactical growth specialists. For more information on growing your business, Contact

Marketing Automation Impact on Business Success — Case Study

A number of years ago I went to a local florist shop to buy flowers for my 24th wedding anniversary. I paid by check and left. Guess what happened 365 days later? A year later I bought a big thing of flowers from the same shop because it was local.

But afterwards, I wondered, “why should I buy from them?” They didn’t care about me. They have my address from my check and my phone number as well. They didn’t ask me any questions about me, my wife or even how many years we were married. But I did tell them the first time that it was my 24th. So I thought, “Maybe I should check around and see who else is out there.” I have not been back and it has since been sold.

I have never had a florist (and I have used several) send me any reminders, a thank you, or anything that would indicate that my business was important to them.

Here is how it could go:

A man goes in and asks for flowers because it’s his wife’s birthday today. The clerk says “that’s so sweet, how long have you two been married?” You answer, “four years.” And then she says, “When is your anniversary?” You tell the clerk and then they say, “Would it be helpful if we reminded you a few days before your anniversary with an email so you don’t forget or wait until the last minute, or how about we send you some gift ideas?” Not everyone wants to be reminded or given ideas, but some will agree to it. This florist will be “top of mind” when that customer decides to buy flowers again.

This young man who is married for four years gets an email 3 weeks before his wedding anniversary. It says “Thank you again for purchasing the blue bonnet bouquet for your wife’s birthday last year. This year is your fifth anniversary and we wanted to tell you that the “traditional” fifth wedding anniversary gift is “wood”. We have a lovely plant that is rooted in an old piece of wood that is exceptional. These are available by special order only but we wanted you to be aware of it.”

That information makes this florist unique, and memorable, the relationship much more personal and builds the reputation as a place for special gifts when needed. This relationship will continue to build and develop with each visit to the florist.

A young man who is courting the woman of his dreams might appreciate some information or ideas on how to treat that special someone right. When a loved one passes away, you don’t want to call just anyone out of the “book”. You will feel better if you had a relationship with a florist that you have worked with over the years. A florist can’t be a “friend” with everyone, but they can keep in touch and help everyone who gives them a means to stay in touch. An email address with a marketing automation system can keep you top of mind.

Compete or be beat!

A florist may say, well most of our customers are regulars. That may be, but where is the new florist that is starting up or expanding going to get clients? They are going to build relationships with everyone they can and people buy from people they know, like and trust. It may take a little bit of work but they will work on getting to know more of your customers.

There are so many opportunities for a person to use a florist. Some florists provide more than just a vase or box of flowers. Whatever the florist does besides “flowers” they need a way to be able to share it so their business can be more than an anniversary bouquet.

So little time!

One of the biggest problems that florists have is the last minute rush for special days like Valentines and Mother’s day. To be able to have “pre-sold” flowers enables them to schedule out their time and reduce the “crisis” crunch. To be able to encourage sales between special days is one of the secrets to being successful in these types of businesses.
Who has time to send out emails for everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc. That can take a lot of time and effort. You can save a lot of time and be much more creative with an automated marketing system. A good system will allow you to reach more people, with more information and with less effort.

You can set up a unique “event” email each year to remind everyone in your database about that special event that is coming up (their loved one’s birthday, anniversary, “mail carrier appreciation day” or whatever). It is nice to be reminded of important occasions. Also send them one to wish THEM a happy birthday when the time comes.

Automated marketing can make the task of reminding people easy, and the right system can help provide specials to those who you want to reward or who you want to entice to purchase from you. Provide a discount to your regular customers if they order their Mother’s day flower’s early (three weeks before).

Be creative!

There are always ways to be creative for every business and every business is different. Don’t think just because your business isn’t a typical florist shop (or any other kind of business) you could never use automated marketing. There are a lot of ideas for all kinds of businesses. You won’t know until you brainstorm some ideas and try a system that gives you great leverage without taking up a lot of time or money to implement.

Since being creative in what automated marketing can do for you, Crossroads Consultants would be willing to have a conversation with you to come up with some creative ideas and ways for you to reach your business objectives. You can check out Automated Marketing for more information on how it can work for you.

Stan Broesder is a business growth and marketing specialist with Crossroads Consultants. For over 25 years Stan has helped businesses to grow and to overcome obstacles. Today with digital online marketing Crossroads Consultants is an integrator of marketing, which means no matter how much marketing you use, they can help your business coordinate all aspects of your marketing and business growth. Contact by phone 980-241-0189 or email:

Three Big Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make!

Small businesses complain that their marketing is just not working the way that they feel it should. Here are three big marketing mistakes that small businesses often make trying to grow their business.

 1. Having all tactics, and no strategy

You keep trying things and you keep what works and throw out the rest. But what if you could leverage one tactic off of another? This would boost the effectiveness of each tactic. In order to do that you need to start with a strategy. Focus your efforts and resources to accomplish the most important goals first. This will provide the best results.

2. Not measuring results

Many will say that you really can’t measure the results of marketing, but that is not totally true. Part of the problem is that you have not designed your marketing to be measurable. With a little adjustment many marketing tactics can be measured. Once you see the numbers accurately, then you can make the most effective changes to get the best results.

 3. Not aligning your sales with marketing.

When you treat sales and marketing as two different functions then you lose some of the efficiency that is possible. Marketing and sales must be seen from the customer’s perspective and need to reinforce each other with the same or complimentary message. When both of these are in alignment you will see dramatic improvements in results.

Correcting these three mistakes can really have an impact on your marketing results, which should translate into more income. But some really struggle with making these corrections and getting a different perspective can often make the difference.

Call me (980-241-0189) to discuss growing your business and correcting these three big mistakes in marketing. Or email me at and ask about a Marketing Strategy evaluation for your business. Then get ready to grow!

Crossroads Consultants is a Business Management Consulting company that services small and mid-sized businesses and professionals with profitable growth strategies. Your customers don’t care about your growth. Ultimately, it is an inside job. We can help!